Restoring Hope Child Sponsorship Program

Restoring Hope is a Child Sponsorship program sponsored by Life Ministries International. Restoring Hope is currently partnered with 2 private school in La Source, Haiti. We hope to open the eyes of the kids and adults in the village to dream big. We want to help them reach those dreams through education and assiting with the needs of the children and the community.

Each child sponsorship of $20 a month helps families with school fees, provides a hot meal each school day and assists in paying teacher salaries. The schools are run and taught by local Haitians. We are simply providing assistance where needed to ensure the continuing education of the children in La Source.

Child Sponsorship

  • Annual Shoe Drive for School Children
  • Christmas Party/Gifts for School Children and Famlies
  • School fees assistance - Books, Uniforms, School Supplies
  • Donation of School Supplies
  • Hot meal Monday - Friday year round

Community Assistance

  • Public Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Filtration Systems for families
  • Public Outhouses
  • Food Assistance
  • Vocational Training in Knitting for women with children
  • Assist in paying salaries for teacher

Child Sponsorship FAQ

Can I communicate with my sponsored child? Yes, you may send letters and pictures with any team throughout the year. We personally deliver the translated letter to the child and give them an opportunity to respond back to you.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child? You will have an opportunity each April to send a gallon sized ziplock bag full of goodies to your sponsored child. We do ask for you to include $5 in the bag to cover baggage fees. You may also send additional money with any team to purchase food for the family if you so choose. Each Christmas there will be an opportunity to send extra money to buy food for the family or to donate any items requested for the Christmas gifts and celebration we have for them each year. We also do an Annual Fall Shoe Drive to collect shoes for each of the school children. You can purchase shoes for them during the drive and we will be sure to give them to your sponsored child.

Can I visit my sponsored child? Yes, there will be multiple trip opportunities each year that you can find listed under the trips tab at the top of the page. Please contact us quickly if you are interested in a trip as some trips do fill up. While in Haiti you can visit with your sponsored child and their family throughout the week we are there. If you'd like to bring additional gifts or purchase food in Haiti for their family then you may do so on the trip.

What does the $20 a month go to? Your $20 donation ensures that your sponsored child's school fees are paid. It also helps fund the feeding program that feeds each of the school children Monday through Friday year round. Lastly, part of it goes to helping pay teachers salaries.